Brocade SAN Switch Zoning

In this post I will explain how to do the zoning in Brocade switch using command line.

Open Putty and login to the switch with admin privileges.

Zoning involves mainly below steps

1. Make sure devices need to be zoned are logged into the fabric

Once the device connected to the SAN switch and powered on, a unique ID will be assigned to it. Unique ID is called as FCID. We can check if the device connected is logged into the fabric or not by using the below command.
                                 nodefind <WWPN_No>

This will give you the details if the device is successfully logged into the switch.

If the device is connected to the SAN switch and powered off then WWPN wont be showing up in the Webtool or in CLI. However zoning can be done using CLI even if the device is not connected to the SAN switch (This is not the best practice). Once the device gets connected the communication will start between the zone members.

2. Creating Alias of the connected WWPN

Alias will be created for the easy understanding and management. This is to give the easy naming convention for the WWPN. Alias will be created by using the below command.

                             alicreate "<Alias_Name>","<WWPN_Number>"

For Example: alicreate "a_SERVER1_PROD_FAB11", "50:01:43:80:17:87:F7:A4"

3. Creating the Zone

Zoning is the process in which a path is established between 2 connected devices so that the data transfer takes place between them securely.

For example consider a server and 3PAR array which are connected to the same SAN fabric. And LUNs need to be allocated from 3PAR array to that server. In this case we would create a zoning between server HBA and 3PAR array Front end ports.

4. Saving the Zoning configuration

Once the zone is created we need to save the active zone configuration. In one switch there can be only one Active Zoning Configuration. Zone configuration can be saved by using the below command


5. Enabling the Zoning configuration

By running the cfgsave command the newly created zones will only get saved but won't be activated. This is done by running the below command

                              cfgenable <Active_Zone_Config>


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