Drive Replacement in HP 3PAR Storage Array

In this post I will explain the procedure to be followed for Failed Drive replacement in HPE 3PAR Storage array.

Physically this activity will be taken care by trained 3PAR Field Engineer. However there are steps need to be followed before and after the drive replacement is explained here.

Usually this will be done by the 3PAR support engineer if the 3PAR array is under support. Anyways there is no harm in getting to know about this stuffs he he.

In HPE 3PAR there are 2 types of Drive cages (Drive Array Enclosure) depends on the model.

1. In 10000 and 20000 models in one Cage there will be 10 magazines and in one magazines there will be 4 drives. So in each cage there will be total of 40 drives.

2. Where as in case of 7000 and 8000 series there will be 24 drives in one cage (There is no magazine concept in mid range 3PAR arrays).

If you have the Dial home configured for your 3PAR array an auto case will be created from 3PAR support end and they will contact regarding the failed drive replacement.

In case if you have not configured the dial home then you will get an alert in Storage system.

You can check the Failed drive details using the below command/s.
             showpd -failed

This will show only the failed drives in your 3PAR array. In case if you want to check the degraded drives you can run the below command.
             showpd -degraded

Now lets look into the replacement activity.

When the drive failed spare chunklets will come into picture and make sure data is not lost because of this failed drive.

In case of drive failure in V-class 3PAR arrays (For example in case V400, V800) the failed drive will be evacuated by the Storage system itself. And when the CE goes onsite he will run the below command. (This will be done by either CE or HPE Support engineer)
              servicemag start -log -pdid <PD_ID>

This to make sure the remaining normal drives in the Magazine goes offline and no new writes will be written to it.

In case of Mid range arrays (For example 7000 and 8000) there will be single drive in a magazine. In this we can run the below command to relocate the chunklets.
              servicemag start <Cage_ID> <Magazine_ID>

This will make sure chunklets are relocated from the failed drive before replacing.

You can check the status of the servicemag by running the below command, this will show the status of servicemag sessions currently running in Storage System.
              servicemag status

Once the servicemag status is showing as completed CE can pull out the magazine containing the failed drive and replace the failed drive with the new one.

Now we need to rebuild the replaced drive, for this we need to execute the below servicemag command.
              servicemag resume <Cage_ID> <Magazine_ID>

This will start rebuilding process, again you can check the status by running the servicemag status command.

Once the rebuilding or servicemag is complete the old PD_ID will be removed from the system. If it is not removed after the servicemag completion we need to remove it manually. This will be explained in my next post.

Once drive is replaced you can check the storage system for any failed/degraded drives using the below command.
               showpd -failed -degraded

Screenshots for this activity will be coming soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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