HPE 3PAR Storage Array - Health Check

This post explains the steps to perform basic health check on HPE 3PAR storage array. This will give you the overall status of the array for example Hardware failures, Host status, VV status, port etc.

Lets start. Login to to 3PAR array and execute the command checkhealth. This gives you the overall health check as shown below.

In this case you can see there are 4 errors/faults which need to be taken care.

For a clear understanding on the errors/faults you can run checkhealth -detail instead of checkhealth.

checkhealth -detail will show the details of the errors. Sample output is shown below.

Now we will see how to fix the errors in this case.

LDs not mapped to a volume - These LDs can be removed from the system but we need to confirm these are not being used by any LUNs. I will explain the procedure to remove these unused LDs in coming posts.

License which have expired - You can ignore this as in this case Peer motion license was bought on trial basis.

PD that are degraded - You can get the more clear picture on failed drive by using command
showpd -failed -degraded. You can raise a case with 3PAR support team for the drive replacement.

vluns Hosts not connected to a port - This is due to below 2 reasons.
1. The server might have been decommissioned but the Host entry is still there in the 3PAR array
2. The host can temporarily down and has no active paths to the Storage array

To check the status of the server you can run the command showhost <Host_Name>

I will keep this post updating as and when I face new types of errors and the fix for those errors.


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