Configuration of HP 3PAR in HP OVO Monitoring Tool

Here in this I would like to explain how to configure the HP 3PAR in HP OVO.

HP 3PAR is one of the widely used Storage technology in the current IT industry. It provide balance of both capacity and performance.

Will give the overview on HP 3PAR Storage in coming posts.

HP OVO this is also a HP tool, which can be used to monitor the infrastructure devices such as Network devices, Servers (windows, linux etc)

Lets look into the topic now.. how to configure the monitoring of 3PAR using HP OVO.

If we take servers (windows/linux) an agent will be installed in the servers through that monitoring will be done by OVO. Where as in case of 3PAR array monitoring will be done using the SNMP traps.

Network requirements are as given below
1. Port 161 and 162 should be open from 3PAR array to HPOM server. Note 3PAR array not the Service Processor.
2. ICMP should be permitted between your HPOM server and 3PAR array.
3. Check if there is any local firewall is blocking the connectivity between the 3PAR and HPOM.

Now we will see how to configure SNMP in HP 3PAR end.
HP 3PAR supports SNMP version 2 and 3.
Check if the SNMP is already configured by running the command showsnmpmgr

For example is the HPOM server IP address we need to add this as the SNMP manager 3PAR by running the command addsnmpmgr -pw public
where pw is the password or the community string usually set by the HPOM administrator.

Once we add the HPOM server in 3PAR check the connection by sending the test SNMP traps from the 3PAR array by running the command checksnmp.

This will send the test traps to all the SNMP managers/servers configured in the 3PAR array.

If your network requirements are in place you would be receiving the SNMP traps in HPOM servers and HPOM administrator would be able to configure 3PAR in OVO.


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