Configuration of FTP using 3CDaemon

In this post I will show you the procedure to create a FTP using 3CDaemon tool. In Storage FTP is useful in uploading the Configuration and supportsave logs of Brocade Switch, firmware upgrade activity etc.
In case if you do not have FTP server you can install 3CDaemon (Filezilla) to a server and you can use it as FTP server.

You can download the 3CDaemon software from the below link.

Extract the Zip file and install (Setup.exe). Typical installation procedure (Next -> Next -> Install)

Click finish to complete the installation.

Once the installation completes open the 3CDaemon software.

You could see there are TFTP, FTP and Syslog options available in the tool. In this post we will concentrate only on configuring FTP site. Select FTP Server as shown below.

Click on Configure FTP server and go to FTP Profiles tab. (No need to make any changes in General Configuration tab)

Profile Name anonymous is a Built in profile and can not be deleted. So create a new Profile as shown below. Here I am creating a Profile "test" 

Set the password for the profile.

Set the User Directory, this will be your FTP directory. In this case I set the directory as "H:\MyFTP"

Click on Save Profile or Apply to save the changes made.

FTP will be accessed using the IP address of the Server where you have installed the 3CDaemon tool.

You can test your FTP as follow.
Open Windows explorer and enter ftp://IP_address (Here Provide the Profile Name and the password to access your FTP site. 

You will be able to access the FTP site and the folders inside the FTP directory. 


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