Brocade SAN Switch Upgrade

In this post I will explain how we can perform the firmware upgrade of Brocade SAN switches using CLI (SSH).

This is a very simple procedure provided we don't end up in some errors during the upgrade.

Here I am upgrading a Brocade 300 switch (24 port) to the HPE recommended version using 3CDaemon to create a FTP site. FTP is needed to download the upgrade files to the SAN switch.

If you have a FTP site already in your infrastructure you can use the same for firmware activity. If you do not have one then you can follow the post Configuration of FTP using 3CDaemon to configure FTP site.

Now we need to configure the user for the FTP site and the path (location where you keep your upgrade files)

In this case copy all your upgrade files to F:\XX_Update\ folder

Before proceeding with the upgrade make sure you take the backup of SAN switches using the command 
configupload. This will be saved in the FTP location and can be used in case if anything goes wrong.

Lets proceed with the upgrade now.

Run firmwaredownload command

Provide the IP address of your FTP site and name of the upgrade file exactly what you have saved in FTP location (Save the upgrade files with FOS Version for easy understanding)

Select FTP (Option 2) for network protocol. 

You can ignore the warning. 

Remember this upgrade does not require reboot of the switch. However there will be non-disruptive reboot as the firmware will be initially written to the secondary chip then copies to the primary chip.

You will lose the connection to the SSH so open a new SSH session to check the status of the Firmware upgrade.

You can check the status of the upgrade using the command firmwaredownloadstatus.

Now though the firmware activity has been completed. We can check the current version by running the 
firmwareshow or version command.


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