Brocade SAN Switch Configuration Backup

In this post I will show the procedure to take the Backup of Brocade SAN Switch.

Backup of the Switch is necessary if we are making any major changes in the switch (For ex: Upgrade, zoning activity) or to dump the configuration from one switch to another (For ex: Switch replacement activity). 

First of all we need an FTP site to take the backup of the Switch. If you do not have an FTP configured you can set up an FTP using 3CDaemon or Filezilla.

Login to the switch and run the command “Configupload”, this is the command to take the backup of the brocade SAN switch.

It will ask for the protocol to be used for the backup. Since we are using FTP in this case enter the input as ftp.

Enter the IP address of the FTP server.

Enter the username used in the FTP server (Check the post “ ”). And provide the File name for the backup file, save it as text file.

In this case we are taking the complete configuration backup, hence input all
Provide the Password for the FTP server.

We will get the below message once the files are uploaded to the FTP site.

You can find the backed up configuration file in your FTP folder.

Same steps can be used in uploading the “supportsave” logs to the FTP server. Will show this in the next post.

If you want to revert back to the older configuration you can use the configdownload command. And backed up configuration (.txt extension) will be used in this case. Though I have done it practically I do not have the screenshot to show the steps. Will upload soon in future.


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