Brocade SAN Switch Zoning

In this post I will explain how to do the zoning in Brocade switch using command line.

Open Putty and login to the switch with admin privileges.

Zoning involves mainly below steps

1. Make sure devices need to be zoned are logged into the fabric

Once the device connected to the SAN switch and powered on, a unique ID will be assigned to it. Unique ID is called as FCID. We can check if the device connected is logged into the fabric or not by using the below command.                                  nodefind <WWPN_No>
This will give you the details if the device is successfully logged into the switch.

If the device is connected to the SAN switch and powered off then WWPN wont be showing up in the Webtool or in CLI. However zoning can be done using CLI even if the device is not connected to the SAN switch (This is not the best practice). Once the device gets connected the communication will start between the zone members.

2. Creating Alias of the connected WWPN

Alias will be created fo…

Drive Replacement in HP 3PAR Storage Array

In this post I will explain the procedure to be followed for Failed Drive replacement in HPE 3PAR Storage array.

Physically this activity will be taken care by trained 3PAR Field Engineer. However there are steps need to be followed before and after the drive replacement is explained here.

Usually this will be done by the 3PAR support engineer if the 3PAR array is under support. Anyways there is no harm in getting to know about this stuffs he he.

In HPE 3PAR there are 2 types of Drive cages (Drive Array Enclosure) depends on the model.

1. In 10000 and 20000 models in one Cage there will be 10 magazines and in one magazines there will be 4 drives. So in each cage there will be total of 40 drives.

2. Where as in case of 7000 and 8000 series there will be 24 drives in one cage (There is no magazine concept in mid range 3PAR arrays).

If you have the Dial home configured for your 3PAR array an auto case will be created from 3PAR support end and they will contact regarding the failed drive…

HPE 3PAR Storage Array - Health Check

This post explains the steps to perform basic health check on HPE 3PAR storage array. This will give you the overall status of the array for example Hardware failures, Host status, VV status, port etc.

Lets start. Login to to 3PAR array and execute the command checkhealth. This gives you the overall health check as shown below.

In this case you can see there are 4 errors/faults which need to be taken care.

For a clear understanding on the errors/faults you can run checkhealth -detail instead of checkhealth.

checkhealth -detail will show the details of the errors. Sample output is shown below.

Now we will see how to fix the errors in this case.

LDs not mapped to a volume - These LDs can be removed from the system but we need to confirm these are not being used by any LUNs. I will explain the procedure to remove these unused LDs in coming posts.

License which have expired - You can ignore this as in this case Peer motion license was bought on trial basis.

PD that are degraded - You can…

Configuration of FTP using 3CDaemon

In this post I will show you the procedure to create a FTP using 3CDaemon tool. In Storage FTP is useful in uploading the Configuration and supportsave logs of Brocade Switch, firmware upgrade activity etc.
In case if you do not have FTP server you can install 3CDaemon (Filezilla) to a server and you can use it as FTP server.

You can download the 3CDaemon software from the below link.

Extract the Zip file and install (Setup.exe). Typical installation procedure (Next -> Next -> Install)

Click finish to complete the installation.
Once the installation completes open the 3CDaemon software.
You could see there are TFTP, FTP and Syslog options available in the tool. In this post we will concentrate only on configuring FTP site. Select FTP Server as shown below.
Click on Configure FTP server and go to FTP Profiles tab. (No need to make any changes in General Configuration tab)
Profile Name anonymous is a Built in pro…

Brocade SAN Switch Configuration Backup

In this post I will show the procedure to take the Backup of Brocade SAN Switch.
Backup of the Switch is necessary if we are making any major changes in the switch (For ex: Upgrade, zoning activity) or to dump the configuration from one switch to another (For ex: Switch replacement activity). 
First of all we need an FTP site to take the backup of the Switch. If you do not have an FTP configured you can set up an FTP using 3CDaemon or Filezilla.

Login to the switch and run the command “Configupload”, this is the command to take the backup of the brocade SAN switch.
It will ask for the protocol to be used for the backup. Since we are using FTP in this case enter the input as ftp.

Enter the IP address of the FTP server.

Enter the username used in the FTP server (Check the post “ ”). And provide the File name for the backup file, save it as text file.

In this case we are taking the complete configuration backup, hence input all Provide the Password for the FTP server.

We will get the below messa…